Pirate Republic is the first and only production craft brewery in The Bahamas. Like many craft beer companies, our adventures began in our own kitchens, with a homemade 5-gallon brewing system. (More)

Pirate Republic is first and foremost a band of devoted, able-bodied men and women who make our products and services possible. We are deeply proud of our team! (More)

Our corporate logo speaks to who we are: rooted in authentic historical detail, it celebrates our deep roots in The Bahamas, our focus on brewing world-class beer and our joy in sharing our brews with craft compatriots. (More)

Like true pirates we have a code. We are committed to each other and to our ship. We embrace collaboration. As a start-up company launching the craft beer industry in an island nation, we’ve lived the idiom that “calm seas does not a skilled sailor make!” (More)