Our logo’s story


PRB Logo

Our corporate logo speaks to who we are: rooted in authentic historical detail, it celebrates our deep roots in The Bahamas, our focus on brewing world-class beer and our joy in sharing our brews with craft compatriots.

We called on the Jolly Roger of Christopher Condent, one of the pirates who considered Nassau home. Rather than surrender, Consent fled when Woodes Rogers arrived. We paired Condent’s jawless skull with cross-bottles instead of cross-bones. That “X” has two meanings. The first is certainly “X marks the spot.” Nassau was declared the Republic of Pirates in the early 1700s – Bahamian pirate history is as about authentic as it gets! The cross-bottles are also a nod to camaraderie when good friends get together to share a cold brew – cheers matey!

Lastly, using the 300-year old signature of Peter Pyfrom, our founder’s first ancestor in The Bahamas, we crafted our own, proprietary font: Pirate Republic.

We are indebted to the very talented Ryan Feerer who created the elements of our corporate logo and brought them together so perfectly. Ryan also hand-created our font. Our website is scattered with Ryan’s work.

All of our logos and marks are trademarked.