Tammy Albury, Keeper of the Loot

Tammy is Nassau born and bred. Her previous professional stints were at Royal Bank of Canada (5 years) and John Bull (19 years). In fact, Tammy had technically retired before she joined our team but she came on board in our earliest days “to see what she could do to help.” As protector of the loot, Tammy ensures our books and merchandise are always in order. Tammy loves the ocean, like all true pirates, and escapes to nearby islands whenever she can.

Lamar Cancino, Head Quality Control

Lamar was born in Nassau and attended school in the U.S. After earning a Bachelor’s Degree in chemistry, Lamar worked as a Lab Technician at PepsiCo in New York and with Bahamas Waste in their BioFuel program. Lamar has the distinction of being our very first employee and he’s embraced every opportunity given to him with enthusiasm and unwavering dedication. When he’s not experimenting with new beer recipes in the brewery or doing research on yeast strains in our lab, you’ll likely find Lamar on a soccer pitch. He’s represented The Bahamas nationally and internationally and currently plays in the BFA Senior League for the Lyford Cay Dragons.

Captain J. Garvey, Pirate

Captain Garvey is Nassau’s best-known and most-loved pirate. Originally from Grand Bahama, Garvey has lived in Nassau for almost 20 years. He’s so dedicated to role playing that he interviewed entirely as his pirate character, guarding secrets and information as if they were buried treasure! His unique skillset includes swashbuckling, carousing, and trolling for booty and he’s a walking, talking encyclopedia of pirate history. Visitors from all over the world delight in interacting with Captain Garvey.

Rob Hughes, Sales Manager

While all of his friends were drinking production beer at college, Rob discovered craft beer. The industry in the U.S. and Canada was springing up all around him and made for some pretty exciting beer adventures. Unknowingly, Rob was laying a great foundation for his position as our head of sales. After a dozen years away at school, Rob moved back home in 2016 and applied for our emerging Sales position. Rob’s training and experience in the hospitality industry, and his innate understanding of customer service in particular, made him a natural in sales. He quickly proved himself and was promoted to Sales Manager in 2017.

Brian Sauer, Head Brewer

Brian hails from Wisconsin. He began brewing in 2009 to sell beers at underground punk shows in his neighborhood. He learned quickly that it was cheaper to brew and sell, than to constantly buy his own – so he kept on brewing! Brian was a neuromechanics research assistant and master degree candidate when he was offered his first professional brewing gig. He had been working in a local brewpub, doing stunts at the bar and in the brewery to pay for this tuition. His brewing prowess and creativity did not go unnoticed; he moved up the ladder and was quickly named Head Brewer. In 2015 Brian accepted our offer to lead our start-up brewery. As he says, “Now it’s sun, sands, seas and suds for me!”