Tour 4

We’re so proud that TripAdvisor has awarded Pirate Republic a Certificate of Excellence! You might expect that our beer, food and customer service consistently get high marks, but did you know our twice-daily tour also gets rave reviews? It’s not fair just to call it a brewery tour – although that portion of the experience is wonderful! We pack in pirate history, the renovation and repurposing of our historic property, and much more.

Tour 3

Bahamian artist, Antonius Roberts’ dramatic pirate portraits provide the backdrop for our pirate history lessons. Nassau was declared the Republic of Pirates in the early 1700’s. Our stories will touch on details of Anne Bonny, Mary Read, ‘Calico’ Jack Rackham, Benjamin Hornigold, and Blackbeard (Edward Teach) himself, all of whom called Nassau home in the heyday of piracy.

Tour 2

Our property is newly renovated and repurposed. It includes a 125-year old warehouse which is on The Bahamas’ Register of Historic Buildings. That wonderful gem is now our brewery. On any given day we may be actively brewing or packaging, and on the tour the processes are up close and personal.

Tour 1

Tours are concluded in the Tap Room or Brig with a flight of beer and a pretzel. Tour goers receive a free Corporate logo decal and 5% off in our merchandise store. All for just $20.00! Book with our crew right at the bar!